current projects

Herein is the space for the community to discuss potential projects for the group to undertake.

Some initial suggestions for discussion:

1. Collecting data. Let’s consider how we might gather information (qualitative and quantitative) on issues of exclusivity, intimidation, discrimination, harassment, etc. in either targeted spaces, e.g. A&A, another group, a conference, etc., or broadly in the LIS field.

2. Surveying the literature. Let’s think about what bodies of material might help us develop that “civility toolkit” or resources for successful grassroots intervention.

3. Responding to A&A. SAA has requested feedback regarding the Archives & Archivists listserv, its administration and culture. The group (or those in the group with experience on A&A) might brainstorm and collectively share feedback with the SAA committee.

4. Regularly scheduled togetherness. A number of you expressed the desire for a virtual meet-up / real time conversation scheduled at regular intervals. Preferences for how / when this community building takes place?

If any of these projects sound like something you have the spoons to help coordinate — or if you have something else you would like to take on and want to make a pitch for the group to tackle it — please chime in!  

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