food for thought: not a prank edition

I’m pulling this list together on March 31, so you’re fool-proofed against, well, April Fool’s Day shenanigans (although not protected from my use of the word “shenanigans” which I try to circulate as liberally as possible). Instead, now that I’m back from my head cold, conferencing, and family-vacationing, here are the stories that have crossed my feeds in the past three weeks.

Last week, it was announced that the #teamharpy lawsuit has been settled out of court.

John Jackson documented a week in his life as an academic librarian.

A thoughtful reflection on the downside of call-out culture.

Is the best response to online bullying rigorous moderation and more online speech?

In early March, ProPublica and National Public Radio did a powerful series of reports on the gutting of workers’ compensation nationwide.

The impact of Boston’s winter on our most vulnerable workers made Al Jazeera America.

Invisible disabilities in the workplace (and in life).

Are high-powered female leaders in the business world putting feminist gains for the 99% at risk?

Race absolutely still matters when it comes to education leading to employment.

Check out the storify of Tweets about “The Politics of Inclusion: Equity and Inequity (and Intersectionality) in Digital Spaces” hosted by Temple University.

Is academic credit for an internship better or worse than strictly volunteer opportunities?

The people who put food on our table are being denied the social security payments they earned.

Thanks for nothin’ 21st century?

If the 21st century’s New Gilded Age has been so harsh for the majority, why has there been so little labor activism?

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