food for thought: post-marathon edition

It was a long weekend here in Massachusetts, in observance of Patriots’ Day, and secondarily the 119th Boston Marathon. The marathon felt weird this year, falling as it did between the two halves of the trial of Dzhokar Tsarnaev for the 2013 bombing of the marathon finish line. My wife and I were in Allston the week of the bombings and lived through the eerie lockdown that led up to the arrest of Mr. Tsarnaev. Like 58% of our fellow Bostonians, we oppose the death penalty (in this, and all other, cases). Killing is not the way to demonstrate that killing is wrong.

A few links from this week on the Internet…

Writing about others’ trauma can cause secondary trauma.

Consider fighting inequality by talking openly about how much you make.

Adults on welfare are overwhelmingly people who work.

“In spite of the pride many libraries take in their neutrality, libraries have never been neutral repositories of knowledge.”

How do you feel about where your 2014 tax dollars went?

Perhaps  Internet help us achieve some modicum of work-life balance.

… and on that note, I’m going to be testing out my own work-life balance over the next two months by not doing work-related things after 5pm or on weekends, as much as possible. This may, or may not, cause the “food for thought” round-up to be a less than weekly affair.

At the end of June, I’ll be reassessing the whole balance situation and deciding where to go from here.

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