food for thought: flyover country edition

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading my way through journalist Sara Kendzior’s collection of essays The View from Flyover Country (2015). It’s a hard, but essential read, for those of us trying to make our way within and through the reality of the twenty-first century economy.

I find the #talkpay hashtag on Twitter fascinating and informative. 34/F. White. Cis. Bi. Boston. Reference librarian. MA/MLS w/$70k student debt. $49k.

Yet “the taboo is so entrenched that some people falsely believe that it is illegal to disclose your salary to co-workers. It is not.”

The problem isn’t just that men explain technology to me.”

David Brooks is not asking the most important moral questions about poverty today.

Considering the pros of disclosing your disability during the job application and interview process.

Is compulsory education oversold? Education researcher Peter Gray believes so.

Are college-educated youth today being denied the full benefits of faculty mentoring? Doubtful.

In more personal/administrative updates, as summer approaches and I gear up to work on some initiatives under the umbrella of my role as New England Archivists’ inclusion and diversity coordinator — principally development of a code of conduct and a contingent employment study — I will be probably be cycling down the Amiable Archivists’ Salon as an active blog. As I have mentioned previously, I’m trying to be more mindful of what professional projects I take on in addition to my formal workplace responsibilities and as much as possible limiting myself to what I can complete during regular work hours. That inevitably means winnowing down my self-assigned side projects.

These questions of labor, professionalism, structural inequality, social justice in the archives, and related issues continue to be passions of mine. I hope you will all continue to participate in these conversations online and in person, with me and elsewhere.

This links list will continue with occasional posts through June, at which point I will be idling the blog and Google Group (though not shutting it down completely just yet).