food for thought: slim pickings!

It was a week that pulled me away from my news feeds much of the time, and thus I didn’t redirect many posts to my “include in ‘food for thought’!” queue. Here, however, are a few items that did catch my attention.

Sejal Parikh @ The American Prospect | Labor at a Crossroads: How We Know We Haven’t Yet Found the Right Model for the Worker Organizations

If we had already found the right model for a powerful, scalable, sustainable organization uniting low-wage workers, then organizations like Working Washington would have learned what was happening at Wet Seal from the workers themselves, not Reddit. We would have been able to develop demands together, further amplify the message, and lay the groundwork for larger policy and organizing campaigns that confront the roots of income inequality.

s.e. smith @ this ain’t livin | Diversity Should Never Be an Afterthought

The thing is, diversity is often considered an afterthought, and experts in the issue are even more of an afterthought. It’s only after a conference is organised that someone bothers to think about the accessibility at the hotel, and the possible expense of sign language interpreters, live captioning, and other support for d/Deaf attendees. It’s only after a new office building is commissioned that anyone wonders if gender neutral bathrooms should have been installed, or if the buildings in the bathroom should be gender neutral across the board. It’s only after the events at a company training are planned that anyone stops to think that maybe there should be a workshop or class on race in the workplace.

The Rainbow Editor | 9 out of 10 Transgender Employees Discriminated Against in the Workplace

The U.S. unemployment rate for gender non-conforming individuals is twice the national employment rate and a staggering four times the national rate for transgender people of color.  Nine out of every 10 of those who manage to find jobs also report they have experienced some form of workplace discrimination.




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