question time: struttin’ your stuff

Peter Capaldi in his costume for Doctor Who (BBC promotional shot). Capaldi stands in a fencing pose with his right hand extended toward the viewer, fingers pointing. The suit is black and finely tailored with a red satin lining.

Peter Capaldi in his costume for Doctor Who (BBC promo shot).

Last week we talked about being yourself at work (and the limits we sometimes feel imposed upon our self-expression). Since that struck a chord with so many of you, I thought I would continue in that vein this week and ask:

Do you have a strong sense of personal style? Do you have a colleague whose personal style you envy? If you had to characterize your / your colleague’s style with that of a fictional character, whom would you pick? Is there a particular item in this person’s wardrobe that you covet? A particular item in your own wardrobe you feel uniquely expresses your own style? 

As happened last week, visual depictions (fictional or factual) are welcome!

Folks seem to be sharing their responses to Question Time via email. If you would like to join the conversation please check out our community ground rules and complete the membership request form to be added to our most amiable email list.

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